We are often asked about our thoughts on Open House and the when and duration thereof. Here are a few tips.

Open House, what is a good day/time for that?
Saturday after lunch or later afternoon 1.5 – 3 (at most) hours
Sundays after lunch for 1.5 – 3 (at most) hours
The longer your Open House duration the more you invite procrastination by the visitor.

Open House during weekdays.
While we certainly have had clients ask for those to be advertised, they are rare and we rarely get a repeat request.

Open House Yard Signs.
Corrugated Plastic Open House signs are easily found at the same locations where you buy your For Sale By Owner Yard signs. Open House directional signs are also available. If you use them do not leave them there the entire week long but put them out late on Wednesday or sometime on Thursday so people passing by can see them, but they are not so stale they become part of the landscape. Sometimes people put helium filled balloons, as the movement draws the eye. If you are placing directional signs on corner properties be a polite neighbor and ask the owners of that property for permission first and be prompt about removing the signs again as soon as you are done with the event.

If you live in an older neighborhood with lots of side streets and intersections, having  directional signs can make the difference between making it to your open house or not. Just remember to remove those signs afterwards.

What shall we do to get ready for the Open House
You have only one opportunity to impress the buyers. Everything you do and don’t do has an impact which will affect the decision one way or the other of your visitors.

So in short…..


During the photoshoot your cupboards and closets stayed closed, but during Open House people will look and open up your storage to assess whether it will fit their needs. If you haven’t already begun to declutter your house, it is imperative you do it before you open your home for Open House or private showings. Here is a check off list which will help you keep track of what you have already done and what still needs to be attended to.

Sign in Sheet
Have a sign in sheet in the kitchen along with some sharpened pencils and request that visitors sign in with their names and numbers.

Security measures.
 This is a post in itself, please click here. Don’t skip!

Social Media
Use the “event-creating” capabilities for open houses.
Networks like Facebook are perfect for creating and marketing your events. While this feature can be useful for making RSVPs for a wedding or a summer barbecue, creating an event for your open house can increase your attendance significantly! Utilize both the QCFSBO open house feature and those of other websites to improve the success of your event.

Shoes on or off
Clean house, clean carpet, clean everything… now what? People are going to walk on your clean carpet? Yes, they are and there’s no stopping them. Here are your choices

  1. Ask them to remove their shoes. Some people won’t mind, some will mind, some with mobility issues can’t.
    2. Booties. Convenient and inexpensive, potential slip hazard.
    3. Adhesive Carpet Runners – Expensive, may not be suitable to thicker pile floor coverings.
  2. Spot Cleaner, white rags, soothing music and maybe a glass of (white) wine after the showing. (Our personal recommendation)

Printed Flyers

Have printed flyers (in color preferably) available for the visitors to pick up.


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